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Featured Performers

Past Rock the Cradle performers have all generously donated their time and talents to support premature newborns and babies with special needs born at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital each year.
Faith and Martina -- faith-and-martina.jpg

"It's hard to image that ten percent of babies born end up in the NICU," says Faith Hill, "but Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital is the place to take care of those babies." Faith knows this first-hand, as her third daughter was born nearly 8 weeks early. "If it had not been for the neonatal unit at Saint Thomas Midtown...there is just no telling. They were amazing." For Faith Hill and Martina McBride, who also had two girls born at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital, singing together on stage was a great way to support the hundreds of newborns and families who face difficult challenges each year.

Big and Rich -- big-and-rich.jpgBig & Rich performed several of their hit songs during Rock the Cradle 2011 and shared personal stories throughout the evening.  "There's no more important thing you can do with your life...than to raise money for something like this," says Rich, "...that's God's work all day long."

Daryle Singletary, whose twins were born at Saint Thomas Midtown Hospital one year ago, also gave a special performance during Rock the Cradle 2011. The twins - Jonah and Mercer - were born prematurely and were cared for in the NICU. "I am honored to be a part of a fundraiser and foundation like Rock the Cradle," says Singletary. "The care they got in the first few hours allowed them to be healthy and strong...we're just honored to be able to give back a portion of what they gave us when our babies were born."

In 2012, Ronnie Milsap headlined Rock the Cradle to benefit babies at Saint ThomasRonnie Milsap -- rock-276.jpg Midtown Hospital. More than 300 attendees came to see one of America’s most popular and influential country and “crossover” performers, and nearly $100,000 was raised 
to help thousands of babies and their families. “This event offered everyone the chance to listen to one of country music’s biggest legends while raising funds to support families and babies at Saint Thomas Midtown." said Bernie Sherry, President and Chief Executive Officer, Nashville Inpatient Operations.

Jake Owen -- rtc2013-287.jpgJake Owen loaned his time, vocals and humor to entertain guests with his No. 1 hits, his favorite songs and stories about his daughter, born last year at Saint Thomas for the 2013 Rock the Cradle event. “Lacey and I are so thankful everyday for our daughter Pearl. She has changed our lives for the better," Owen shared. “What ‘Rock The Cradle’ does to help newborns in need is incredible. I’m honored to give back and be a part of this event.“